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AirDev looking for Bubble Developers, Designers, and Product Owners

Hi Bubblers,

We are looking for people for contract/full-time roles below. Please feel free to check out the links and apply through them if interested!

Partner: Developer Track
Remote | Contractor
Developer Partners make our apps come alive by adding logic/workflows/etc. into them. This
position may be right for you if you love Bubble logic and have found yourself losing track of time optimizing a workflow, thinking through database structure, or connecting to an external API.

Partner: Designer Track
Remote| Contractor
Design Partners create beautiful custom responsive designs based on client requirements. This position may be right for you if you have found yourself tinkering with Bubble’s responsiveness settings to get the page to collapse perfectly on every device size.

Product Owner
Remote or San Francisco | Part-time or Full-time
Product Owners act as the Head of Product/CTO for our clients, helping them think through their idea and turn it into concrete requirements that our developers and designers can execute on. Their primary task is to create a product that’s as good as possible while ensuring that it’s scoped to meet the client’s timeline and budget. This position may be right for you if you’re a jack of all trades - balancing your development skills with client management and a great product sense.



Hi Vlad,

I filled in the form. Hope you can see my portfolio and letting me know if I can fit in your team as a product designer. I have over 100 verified client reviews and a Bubble portfolio.

Kind Regards,