AirDev Sprint Challenge: Giving away a free Sprint to an unlikely tech entrepreneur - $3k value

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce the official kick off of the AirDev Sprint Challenge! We will be providing a free offering of our Sprint service to a worthy candidate (or team of candidates) who demonstrates a strong vision for a product and a compelling backstory that fits the mold of an unlikely - or “underdog” - tech entrepreneur. We will be taking in applications until the 18th of May, announcing a winner on the 28th, and delivering a fully-functional MVP based on the winner’s idea and vision by the 7th of June.

If you, your team, or anyone you know is interested please fill out an application here:
AirDev Sprint Challenge

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone


Quick update: We’ve officially moved the application deadline to the 18th of May (endorsement deadline is now end of day on the 20th). We want to ensure that all those who are interested have adequate time to fill out applications and generate endorsements. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone that has looked at our challenge and/or submitted an application!

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