Airdev Starter Template issues

Hey @stephanie, @vlad and all,

I am using the Airdev Starter Template, but I am facing an issue.

It seems the mekufocusgroup_nav is not working, because the “Navigation link” object does not exist a’y more (deleted)…

I’ve created 3 new app based on this template, and all of them have these 16 issues.

Could you please let me know what I can do or if a bug, if a fix is coming? This is quite blocking, and urgent…

I may have missed something, but I didn’t read anything about this object and this issue in the documentation.

Many thanks in advance!

Christophe HK

Hi @Christophe_H,

Apologies for the bug! This is something that we planned for an upcoming release but seems to have been accidentally pushed to live. We will be pushing a fix for this soon after we’re done with the updates. In the meantime, you could just delete the reusable element from your app or before pushing to live, add "?issues_off=true " to the url to turn the issue tracker off.


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Hello @stephanie,

Many thanks for this feedback, really appreciated, thanks!

Does that mean that this reusable component can be deleted without any impact on the template navigation panel?

I just ask before pressing the delete key :blush:

@Christophe_HK Yes that is correct! Deleting the reusable would not impact anything :smiley:

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Great, deleted!

Many thanks @stephanie,
Have a good day or night, not sure where you’re at, at the moment!


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