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AirDev's Bubble Bootcamp (Free)

Hi everyone!

AirDev is sponsoring our next free, remote bootcamp to teach anyone regardless of experience how to build robust web apps using Bubble. It’s just 3 weeks long, and participants will learn to build apps like Airbnb, Twitter, etc. More info is here.

If you’re interested in launching a tech-enabled business without needing a technical cofounder, or transitioning to tech/PM work in the future, or just looking to expand your skillset, check it out! This is also great if you’ve been browsing the Bubble forums as an aspiring Bubbler but haven’t dug in yet. Applications are due Nov 22 .

If you’re already a Bubble expert but are still interested in working with us, we have partner positions available here!

Hope to work with you soon :slight_smile:


We’re looking for Bubble developers, designers, and more to join our team:


Thanks for sharing this @kevin12, it sounds great! Application is in :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for this amazing opportunity! Application submitted!

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Thanks everyone for the interest :slight_smile:

While the deadline has now past, the next cohort’s is open, so if you’re seeing this, you can still apply for a later program!


Where do I apply for the next airdrop bootcamp?

You can visit (at any time) for the most up-to-date schedule and application!