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Airdev's newest free Bootcamp version has launched!

Hi everyone!

Airdev has launched our newest version of our free Bootcamp to teach anyone regardless of experience how to build robust web apps using Bubble. It’s ~10 weeks long, and participants will learn to build apps like Airbnb, Twitter, etc. More info is here.

If you’re interested in launching a tech-enabled business without needing a technical cofounder, or transitioning to tech/PM work in the future, or just looking to expand your skillset, check it out! This is also great if you’ve been browsing the Bubble forums as an aspiring Bubbler but haven’t dug in yet.

This new version allows you to go at your own pace if you choose a Casual track, or sets you to about 10 weeks if you choose the Professional track. At the end of the Professional track, you’ll earn a No-Code Developer Certificate from us!

We know some of you may have questions about any new features from Bubble (responsive engine, etc.). We’re really excited about those too! We’ve committed to updating the program with high quality content as anything Bubble releases is fully launched and out of Beta.

If you’re already a Bubble expert but are still interested in working with us, we have developer positions available here.


We’re looking for Bubble developers, designers, PMs, and more to join our team:


Hi Kevin,
Thanx for the post.

Can you please help me with the below concerns.
It will help me plan my path forward & take certain key decisions.

  1. How much time does it take to finish both the AirDev bootcamps (101 & 102) & start working as an AirDev Partner?

  2. If we choose to work as a Part-time AirDev Partner :
    How many hours of work per week does it require?
    How much will I get paid?

  3. If we choose to work as a Full-time AirDev Partner :
    How many hours of work per week does it require?
    How much will I get paid?


Hey @Vnay! We have combined 101 + 102 for a more seamless experience, so we estimate a 10 week program. If you choose the casual track, there is no time expectation and you can take it at your own pace. In either case, of course you can go faster :slight_smile:

If you join us as a developer, either full time or part time, the compensation will always be based on the amount of work you’re doing. So, if you are working on two projects per week, you’d get compensated separately for each. Depending on how you define part-time, it will likely be proportional to full-time. Some projects may require more complexity than others, so in some cases experience comes into play so I couldn’t give an exact amount, but it is important to note that we have internal standards and try to be as transparent as possible about that factor, but it may be too soon to give estimates based on your personal background.

I will note that we have partners from >20 countries and have a mix of people who make their full living from Airdev and others who do it a few weeks or less per month. The benefits are great: you set your own schedule based on your life and you don’t need to worry about finding clients!

Thanx for the information Kevin!!