Airtable data hangs/freezes in repeating group

I have a repeating group that is pulling data from Airtable. It generally works, but about 4 times out of 10 it will just sit there and spin and never populate the data. I’ve played around with different attempted solutions for when this happens, like clearing the RG, populating it with different data, resetting its data source, etc. None of those actions fix it. If I refresh the page and start over it works with the exact same parameters…until it happens again.

Does anyone know the cause of this behavior? is there a way to prevent it? Below is a snapshot of what it looks like when it hangs.



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bump. I’m experiencing the same thing and it’s a critical issue.

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So what I eventually discovered is that the airtable plugin can be very slow at times, especially if it’s a table with a lot of rows or a lot of lookup fields. The API works much better, just not as easy to implement if you’re not very experienced with API’s. I’m not.

Interesting, I’ll look into that. I was suspecting that it may be due to airtable’s built in 5 requests/second limit so if you have a few bubble queries loaded at the same time that each has multiple airtable plug-in api calls, it may exceed airtable’s limit.

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