Airtable / database integration

Hi all, has anyone looked at whether it is possible to host your data in a database app such as this and then access it from a Bubble app? I spent quite a bit of time trying to build up my data in Bubble such that it could be searched in a location based way, but the query proved too complex for Bubble, at least when I asked about it last year. So perhaps this could be an easier way to maintain the data, and the app could send a user’s location and search constraints and receive back the desired data to be shown in the Bubble app?

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Bubble <> Zapier <> Airtable

Not got a clue how it would work in practice, but all the plumbing is there.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, actually I did look at that, although it seemed it might be a bit clunky (it would be nicer to be able to access Airtable directly from Bubble) and also Zapier has a 15 minute cycle which didn’t seem consistent with users sending a search and retrieving the results. However, maybe it is worth a try.

Zapier only has the delay when polling, not on push.

But the concern would be getting the response back to bubble. I did wonder if you could use the multi step zap to trigger and then action back.

Was trying to do something like that with a photo mosaic API, so send some stuff and then get a URL back. But it is on the back burner right now.

Did think Blockspring might help, as you could potentially use curlAnything but had some issues there too.

This is very much undiscovered territory :slight_smile:

So, the trigger from Bubble is “instant” so you get the row in Airtable.

You can then use a multi step zap to pass back the row id to bubble. Again this is “instant”.

Sadly this falls at the final hurdle in that Airtable don’t yet offer a search. So nothing of much use can be returned.

That sounds crazy that a database would not offer a search when trying to integrate it into other applications. I did actually try emailing their support about this but heard nothing back so far - I will post here if I do.


I know, they may be working on it.

Hi there! Did you hear anything back from them by any chance? I’m also interested!

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