Airtable: How to Let Users Create Their Own Options for Multiselect Dropdowns?

Hi @romanmg !
first, thanks for all the great videos you, and your team mate, are doing! There’s always so much effort behind and it helped me a lot with some minor and major issues in the past.

I was watching the video “How to Let Users Create Their Own Options for Multiselect Dropdowns” on your Coaching No Code Apps-YouTube-Channel.

I am trying to build the same funtionality, but instead the goal is to read and write from/to an Airtable Base.

Scenario in my case:
The so called “interests” (how you set it up in your video) is a seperate table in AT wich i display in the multiselct dropdown (same multiselct dropdown-plugin as in the video). My goal is the exactly same User Experience like you show it in your Video with Auto-binding…

The values that my users enter (or choose) should then be saved by creating a new record in airtable via API (official plugin) to the table “users” in the field “user interests” (wich is linked to the table “interests”). Hope this is clear.

Therefore: Each time the user enters a new “interest” in the MS-Dropdown, a new record in AT (interests) should be generated…

Is this possible?
If yes, would you please explain it to me?

Very happy to (hopefully!) hear from you! :nerd_face:

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This is how i try to achieve it… the progress-baar at the top of the page is moving as i select a value from the dropdown… but nothing happens in Airtable…

Screenshot with Trigger “when value of elemt changes” and constraint…

…and the this should happen: Create new Airtable Record

Another way, i was thinking, is to store the created Optios for the Multiselct Dropdown in a custom State…

and then create an Airtable Record from the State’s list