Airtable issue with linked list items

I have installed the airtable plug in.
Airtable has 2 tables: Contacts, Companies.
The Companies table contains a list of Contacts who are associated.
I have a simple form in bubble to collect company name and contact details and populate the Airtable database. The fields all get populated but I can populate the “linked list” item connecting the contact with the company.


  • Step 1: create contact and add fields
  • Step 2: create company and add fields + add the associated contact as one of the list items.

Why’s this not working?


I came looking for a solution to the same problem !!
I have custom state where i store values , and when i try to save them to linked field in airtable they get added as one single entity : ‘value1,value2’ instead of being individual : ‘value1’ , ‘value2’ …etc

Did you figure it out @charlie5 or anyone please help lol
Thank you

Not sure if you can link tables by this way.

I think (or maybe some one can correct me) the best way is to create contacts on the contact table and set the compagnie air table id on it.

Then they will automatically appear on your compagnies table

i did actually manage to make items from a custom state list become linked items in a linked field on airtable .
So , i created a new field on airtable as long text , i saved my list of items from custom state on bubble directly into that new field i created , so the output was something like this :

    "Multilingual Support,Usage Analytics,Activity Feed,Media Uploading,Payment Processing,Qr codes"

i used a formula in another new field to extract all the CSV’s into it to become like this :

Multilingual Support,Usage Analytics,Activity Feed,Media Uploading,Payment Processing,Qr codes

Then made an automation on airtable that triggers on record created , takes the data from the formula and puts it as it is into the linked field and voila .