Airtable / RG criteria doesn't work correctly

I’m pulling data from an airtable and showing it in a repeating group. I’m having problems with the criteria set for the desired results in that I’m getting data that doesn’t match the criteria.

Below are some examples of what I’m experiencing. Has anyone run into something similar, or know the cause?


Here I only want to see rows where the Warehouse Location is empty…

but I’m getting ALL ROWS.

Here I want to only see rows where the Warehouse Location isn’t empty…

and it appears it’s working.

Here I want to see only rows where the Warehouse Location is empty AND the Status is Inventory - Green Tag (which is what I REALLY want).

I’m getting the rows that have the correct status, but the Warehouse Location isn’t empty as it should be.

Is it really really empty? Or does it have spaces?

The Airtable plugin is a bit buggy. I’ve also struggled a lot with the same issues on search criteria.
Be careful do not rename your table’s name in AirTable. In the Editor you’ll read the new name but the query can be broken.

Have you tried encoding your constraints in the Airtable endpoint?

When you set up Airtable API connection and create a new table you have to enter the endpoint for the table, but you can also add parameters for the data you want returned, which could bypass the need to do so in Bubble.

Here’s a link to the Airtable encoder tool: