Alert element hides whole page?

Hi all,
In the old responsive engine, when I added an alert element to a page it would align to the top and behave itself!

However, with the new responsive engine, when I add an alert element to the top of a page, the entire page is no longer visible, as though it covers the whole page. When I delete the alert element, I can once again see my page contents?

Here’s my alert settings;

The same goes for my side nav, the text shown below is inside a group column, yet this covers the whole page unless I make the width a max of 100px. Why can’t it be width 100% as it’s should expand to the parent container - instead it expands the whole page?

Hey @darren.james7518 ,

for the first img:

  1. you have not assigned the max width to the alert this may be the reason or
  2. change the parent container type to column or align to parent
    one of these can solve this issue

for 2nd img:

  1. check the topcopy container is within the sidebar or not
  2. make its width fixed to 100%

always try to keep two elements required same container type within a single container.
use the groups as much as you can to simplify the layout structure .
use the container type, horizontal and vertical alignments, width and height as fixed or min and max properly.
the beta engine is easy to learn.

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Thank you… I sorted it and your answer helped.

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glad to help you.