Alert message and repeating group displaying

I have an RG whose displayed number of lines is dependent on the values ​​selected from a Dropdown.
For example, if I select “A” in the dropdown, I get no results and an alert message appears.
If I select “B” in the dropdown, I get a result and the alert message does not appear. But if I select “A” again in the dropdown, I get no results again, but in this case, the alert message no longer appears.
Is there a way to make the error message appear in this case?


Hi. There are several ways you could do it.
I would probably place an error message not in the alert but in the group and set hiding rules for it. For instance, group is invisible on the page load. But if your page custom state is error, the proup is visible. Then call the error state from the dropdown. If dropdown value is empty => the page custom state is error => your message shows up.

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