Alert message bug

I have entered lesser than the 15 characters and clicked ’ create topic’ and a alert message popped up on the Topic Input.
But when I’m trying to correct that , this alert message hide almost of text and it is being a barrier.
I have attached an image for your better understanding .
Kindly make the necessary changes

thanks in advance!

Can’t you hide the alert messages?

yes , it can be.
but again as soon as I get back to edit the text, it pop up.

As soon as you type?

Hope its understandable with this video !

As the alert says, the Title must be at least 15 characters long (currently you only have 11)

What you are showing is a bit confusing (to me, at least) because the first alert doesn’t appear until you click the Create Topic button, but then the alert seems to appear on every character change in the input after that. What are your workflows associated with showing the alert?

this bug is from bubble forum, not in my app.
I just raised for the bubble forum to correct this.

By the way, thanks for your concern and support.

Ha! I was so focused on the issue and possible solutions that I completely overlooked that!

Just make your title more than 15 characters and move on with your life. :slight_smile:

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