Alert showing selected value of dropdown element

How do I show the selected value of a dropdown element in an Alert message?

  1. Add an alert element to the page
  2. Run a workflow when the dropdown’s value is changed
  3. Display the alert, including the selected value (obviously it must be a text value that you display)

Thanks - what i’m asking is what is the string that I put into the Message text that will display the text value?

Whatever you want it to be (obviously, depending on what you want to display)

Thanks - I’m just trying to understand what I put in the Message Text to display the dropdown value. Can you provide an example of how I would write it?

In the message text you need to put whatever it is you want to display in the alert message…

So what is it you want to display in the alert message? (bear in mind of course that it has to be a text value)

Figured it out…Thanks

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