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Alert text alignment issue

I want to show an alert (informational type) but if I write more than two sentences the vertical alignment is automatically moved lower in the rectangle and is not centered vertically. How can I have the text alway align V-centered no matter how much text I add?

Solution: checkmark center vertically!

Why do I find the answer soon after I ask the question?

Maybe because you are too quick to ask a question, than try and find the solution!

Absolutely not. I look around and read but sometimes don’t see the solution in front of my eyes because the paradigm is different to what I expect. In this case the default setting of the Alert box displays text awkwardly when you add more than one sentence, which I did not expect.

Believe me I don’t want to waste anyones time, so I ask in the forum as a last resort. I am very thankful for your help and that of others always.

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Oops, I got a bite! Sorry, I wasn’t having a go! I was just pulling your leg :slight_smile:

No problem. You are always very helpful.
In any case, maybe this post will help someone so easily confused as I get :slight_smile:


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