Alert Timeline Implementation Advice

I would like to create a 24-hour timeline like that shown in the image below where a coloured band is displayed to show the start and stop time of alerts in my database.

Here are the alerts in the database

I tried to have a go with using a repeating group which did display the relevant alerts, but I couldn’t work out how to make it so so they would be positioned at the appropriate time.

Can anyone recommend how I might be able to go about displaying my data in this way?

I think if you went with an rg, you would need to break it into specific minute chunks (1, 5, 10…). Then you would need data in those rows to fill it right. I don’t see that working.

My best suggestion would be a JavaScript implementation of svg boxes. Or some type of time chart.

I don’t have any examples right now, I’ll check this thread out later as I’m interested in the responses.

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