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I am making a single page application with bubble & it’s on the IOS App Store now. However, one problem I’ve noticed is that alerts don’t come up on the native app.

Basically, when a user is on safari and they try to sign up with an email that’s already registered, they get an alert that says something along the lines of “this email is already registered.”

Or if their confirmation password doesn’t match their password while signing up, they also get an alert.

The problem is that on the native app version, it doesn’t work. No alert comes up.

Is there any possible way to fix this problem?

Hi @intrascopellc :wave:
Maybe builtin alerts don’t support native
Well you can try this plugin for native alerts (it has live demo too)

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Agree with @viquarahmed07, I guess what would be also useful in addition to an alert plugin is to let you know how to capture errors on any workflow / element.

E.g. on a login form with an unkown email the Current Workflow Error'message would be We didn’t find an account with those login credentials.

Hope this helps!

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