Algo - turn a Google Sheet into a Web App in 5 min

Hi Bubblers, we’ve built an app that allows you to turn a Google Sheet into a web app for free. Check it out, we’d appreciate any feedback you have! Here’s the link to the PH launch, where we’d greatly appreciate your feedback: Algo on Product Hunt

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Nicely done! Brilliantly simple way of getting this set up. :smiley:

Are you using Blockspring in the background?

Quick point of feedback: the hover support text kept showing during the processing screen (screenshot below).

Pretty neat! :ok_hand:

Actually, I wanted to do something similar (using Blockspring) for a complex financial model but could not find a way around the fact that it would not work with two concurrent users if I simply replaced the input cells’ values and read the output cells’ values (I would have had to create a copy of the spreadsheet for each user, which was too much).

Would you mind sharing how you went about this @alex4 ? Or is that your secret sauce/home-cooked solution? :slight_smile:

A tiny piece of feedback/beta testing too: I see two scrollbars on the side and one unnecessary scrollbar at the bottom (macOS / Chrome). Due to an iframe?

Very nice

Thanks for the feedback @Lucien and @dan1! We’ll take a look at the issues you brought up.

@dan1 - nope it’s a direct connection between the app and Google, not using Blockspring or another intermediary

@Lucien - it is in fact creating a copy for each run to ensure that multiple users can use it at the same time. But then it’s deleting that copy at the end of the run, so the copy only exists for a few seconds

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NIce work guys!

Thanks for your answer, @vlad.

For the case I mentioned, the file was fairly heavy and the load was expected to be about 300-500 concurrent users, so it really made me think twice about that solution, but in the end, the real blocker was the fact that the calculations within the spreadsheet were taking too long anyway.

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Hi Bubblers,

Thank you all for your support and feedback! We’ve officially launched Algo on Product Hunt today :blush: