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🔍 Algolia Search - New Plugin from Zeroqode

We’ve just published v.2.0 update for this plugin, please read more here:

I’m having a hard time getting the geo search functionality to work. Are there any examples out there showing how this can be set up properly?

sure, here is a demo page, which you can use as an example (click on “editor” link in the header)

and this is the link to the docs
hope this helps

Thank you for the quick response Levon. But, this demo page doesn’t show the geo search functionality.

why are you using algolia for that? Why not Bubble’s native auto-complete search?

I’m trying to use Algolia’s aroundLatLng and aroundRadius to filter the search results. The problem i’m running into is the plugin doesn’t seem to recognize my _geoloc data. I get the following error: [object Object]. Below is an image from Bubble showing the error on fields_list_6: 32%20PM

And here is an image from Algolia showing the _geoloc field:

Hello @amsenge, We will check it, and i will be back with the response.

Thank you,
Zeroqode team.

Hey, @amsenge did you checkthis out.

And also here is a useful link for you.

Hope it helps you,
Thank you,

I’m hoping someone can help me with deleting multiple items from Algolia. When I delete a user in Bubble, I want all their corresponding data in Algolia to be deleted as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @callidusxi

Thanks for reaching out!

There is a plugin Data Call which can be used to Delete an Object.

The action which is used , by providing the Application ID, Index Name and Object ID.

Hope this helps.

Regards ,
Zeroqode Team

How can I access data inside an object?

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Hey @ZeroqodeSupport, I suppose it’s my fault for not being detailed enough-- I know how to delete a single object, but how would I delete multiple objects at one time? So how would I string together multiple object IDs to delete a large amount of data in one workflow action?

Hi guys,

@alexander2, unfortunately, it is not possible to access Algolia data with value as objects with our plugin.

@callidusxi, this action allows to delete a single object only. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete multiple objects at once.

However, thank you all for the feedback as we’ve taken it into account and we’ll look into the future possibility of improvements!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Can you show a example of how we can use the data from Algolia to do a local DB search upon click to send the local DB data to a detail page about the product?
I can’t get it to work:


We need to discuss this moment with our dev colleagues. When I have any info on your request, I let you know. Thank you.

Zeroqode Team

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OK, would appreciate a reply quickly as I’m dependent on this.

@alexander2, thank you for your patience.

If I understood your intention correctly, you are trying to use the Algolia data (first search result) as the thing you want to display on your product page detail?

Perhaps, it can work if you remove the :item#Current cell’s index. But the data within the basic-productid constraint should be static (listed in your db).

The Algolia Search plugin is used to display the search data within the group/rg/text elements. I’m not sure it can be used the way you want correctly.

If you provide us with more details of what do you want to achieve, using this plugin, it will help us to understand your intention and advice on this matter.

Thank you for understanding :pray:
Zeroqode Team

Hello @ZeroqodeSupport,

It’s very simple:

  1. The user makes a search
  2. The result from Algolia is displayed in a repeating group
  3. Then I want the user to be able to click one of the results and be taken to a details page about this product
  4. The details page should be populated by the data about this product that I have stored in the local DB, not Algolia.
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Unfortunately, no real example we can give at the moment but believe that it should be possible by using Algolia’s search by matching the unique ID of the object from the Bubble’s database , which will have same fields as Algolia database.
Then do a search by comparing the these IDs and then populating with data for the cell .
Hope this helps.

This is more of working with Bubble’s functionality rather than plugin search.

Zeroqode Team

hi @ZeroqodeSupport

Is there a way to pass more than 1 “aroundLatLng” at the same time?
or please suggest other method for my use case example.


to allow advertiser to advertise their services with one of these options:
(1) state coverage
(2) regional coverage - within the state of (1)

The state has 40 regions, by choosing option (1), advertisers with state wide presence do not have to post the same advert 40 times.

if am able to pass 2 “aroundLatLng” below, both state and regional advert can appear in the result.

(a) 1st aroundLatLng = state geolcation by default
(b) 2nd aroundLatLng = regional geolocation selected by customers

indexing state coverage advert with 40 geolocations but it takes up too much space.
Algolia has a size limitation of 10 ~ 20kb per record, this method is eating up spaces for indexing important descriptions for making the search relevant to customers.