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Align to Parent bottom elements not sticking to bottom

I’ve set a group to Align to Parent layout b/c I want this gradient group (just a group w/a gradient background) to live at the bottom of the group always to indicate to the user that there’s more and they should scroll down.

But when I scroll down within the group, that gradient group doesn’t stick to the bottom - it scrolls up with everything else.

Is this something I’m doing wrong, or is this a glitch?

This is happening when I set a page to Align to Parent also.

Hi @heythere,

Can you show your element hierarchy? Seems to me you’ll need a scrolling group within the Align to parent (ATP) group. That is, the gradient element can’t be a “child” of whichever container is set to scroll.

Check out the button at the bottom of the sidebar in this example. The button is inside the ATP group, but the scrolling content is inside a nested group within the ATP group.

Hope that makes sense.


Yesss that worked! Thanks!

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