🤔 Aligning tags in RG?

I’ve seen someone create tags just like in the image below. Overriding repeating group cell dimensions. Can anybody help? ! :sunglasses:

I’ve followed @eli’s masonry grid video. Changed rows to columns, height to width but it still doesn’t seem to work… !:thinking:


From what i can tell, there is no native way to override repeating groups fixed width per cell. I’m sure you can override this with some elbow grease and css, if you really wanted to.

What you could do (although quite annoying and un-elegant) is to forgo the use of a repeating group and just put independent buttons/groups in a row parent group with “space between” container alignment. This will have the behaviour and responsiveness you are looking for, however you are going to have to make workflows for each button. If you go down this route make sure to use custom workflows so you dont have to duplicate logic.

I know this is an extremely un-elegant way to do things, but hey it works.

I hope somebody else will propose a better way. I’ll follow this thread.

Edit: Oh i didnt realise you posted a video of a masonry grid on bubble! I’ll check it out now

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Thanks to one of the Bubblers Luis Daniel Acosta we got the solution to this challenge.

Here’s a video to tutorial: www.codingwithnocode.com/v/stacked-tags-or-chips-in-repeating-group

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