All Dev Work dissapeared


I just opened up the Dev Editor on Bubble, and all the work I had done on a resuable, seems to have dissapeared. All the work I had been doing in the past few hours, all disappeared. The version-test site is constantly reloading. Is anything going on? Can someone help with this?

Hi @rintualex

By any chance, did you accidentally revert to a previous save point? Try to check your dev history


If not, I suggest you file a support ticket to Bubble

Thank you. I have created a request, and I am in touch with them. I was far from the history/save point area.

Checking my logs, my last change was 6 days ago. So, nothing has happened.
I am sure this is an error from the Bubble server side because the entire app malfunctioned during the refresh.

Whatever reason they give, I will post it here for posterity.

But personally, it is very concerning if parts of the app just vanish, and there’s no way to recover.

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