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All option in dropdown

I have one dropdown there are 5 choices I want to create one choice name is “ALL” when we select “ALL” choice then all 5 choices will be selected any solution for this

One approach would be to manage this in the actions of the workflow. Assuming the case that you want to save either 1 option, or all 5 options, and assuming your options are in an option set.

Have a conditional workflow that “if dropdown X value is ALL” then “set list Get Option Set - all options

and the converse

“if dropdown X value is not ALL” then “add list of dropdown selected item value”

Hard to explain without a picture - but I don’t want to assume too much about the context.

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I am fetching this data from data table not from option set
this is table

Only thing I didn’t get is how do you propose to engineer ‘All’ as one of the drop-down options?

A few ways - either add an additional “special” item into your “lot type” called ALL with the special meaning of being identifying when to “select all”.

Or “plus item” on to the list at like this:

Suggestion - give the “Lot Types” a column to sort on, so you can have your “All” item come at the top of the dropdown.

(TBH I’ve not done the “plus item” approach before, but it’s worth an experiment)

How are you making it "special’ and preventing ‘ALL’ as being displayed as one of the repeating group items too?

I do have a complete other idea I would like to share here.

I think the biggest problem you are facing that you try to do something where the basic dropdown menu is not build for. Normally you choose from the options shown in the drop down menu and not a possibility to select “All”.

Therefore, you can build your own drop-down menu where you add a special “All”.

Here is one way how I did it in other applications:

The value of “All” is not saved as an option set or as data somewhere. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that is gonna be displayed somewhere.

I implemented in a way that you select “All” all listed options are being selected.

Is this helpful for you?

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