All Users in App data different in both live and dev version

Hello - perhaps this has been addressed, but trust me I have looked all over… So I am trying to import Google map locations into biz listings in Bubble - I was directed to do this in the Dev Version of App Data (All Users field) - the problem is that User Data of App Data in Dev version only shows a small segment of my total users (and yes, I am clicking on “All Users” in the dev version of App Data).
See the difference between Dev Version, which only shows 20 entries and the Live Version, which shows there are 82 entries - I am dumbfounded. Please tell me how I see the same entries in Dev and Live versions so I can add Map Data for their business profiles - Yes, I am pretty new, please be gentle :wink:
Two questions:

  1. Is it normal to have 2 different lists of All Users in dev and live? If so, isn’t that confusing?
  2. How do I see All Users in Dev so that I can input Google map info for each business’ page within our site? (because I tried importing google map data into test account in live version of dev and it didn’t work).
    Thanks very much for the help.
    See images I uploaded -

Yes they are different databases between live and dev so the dev can experiment on data without ruining the live app :joy:

You can press “Copy and restore database” and only pick the user type and copy your dev to live. But be careful it overwrites all live users. Whatever integration you’re doing with Maps should be interacting with the live data directly, so there shouldn’t be a need to constantly copy dev to live.

Sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier @tylerboodman - Thank you so much for your reply. I totally get it now… yeah, I am staying away from messing with “live” as much as possible - do not want to delete something I will be sorry for later. :wink: thanks again.

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