Allow 1 user to assume into app as another - Consultant view a clients data

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The app i am building supports consultants when working with their clients. The consultants client is an organisation and the staff leading that organisation. The end user of the app is the consultants clients, the staff leading the organisation that are working with the consultant.

A consultant will have 1 login and will have (hopefully) many clients.

I need the consultant to be able to select an organisation, and then view that clients data in the app as if they were a member of the clients organisation. The consultant should have read only access to the data, so they can monitor/check progress but not edit the data.

I think I will need to set a state on the app that is a user, but past that i’m not sure how to expose the data.

Any thoughts and/or advice appreciated.


Alright. So first lets talk Privacy :lock:

Make sure that you have a privacy rule set up for something like this:
Consultants can only see data for clients that are in their USER’s Approved_Client_List

Then to display the data:

You can have the data shown on the page to be the current page’s User. Then default that to be the current user. When someone is a consultant you can give them some sort of method to change this view from the current user to one of their users on the Approved_Client_List. (Then put some conditionals on the group to have like “Viewing as USER ______”

Should be pretty do-able in bubble. Goodluck!

@jobs, thank you, given me something to think about. I’ll run with this and see where i land!

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