Allow bulk editing in agency plans


  • Bubble raises prices for agency plans
  • Bubble still doesn’t allow basic functionality like bulk editing


Create a throwaway admin page with workflows to trigger the same thing bulk operations would do. Eat the labour cost or charge customers. Waste time.

For all the things Bubble does well, they sure don’t understand how to help themselves.

Agencies drives sales for Bubble. Yet Bubble is hostile to agencies with their pricing model.


Enable bulk editing on agency plans. During the course of development, mass updates to the database are sometimes needed. Don’t make us create a throwaway workaround. Let us use your tool to build stuff so that more people buy subscriptions. Don’t add friction. Why is this so complicated for Bubble.

What an absurd, pointless restriction. It’s like Bubble is trying to make an $80 agency plan (per user) into a free plan but you get RFPs (of which the majority are spam).

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