Allow dynamic expression for inputs "Maximum Number" limiting characters

Quite a simple request, but would be really handy to have this dynamic e.g. create Option Set to control character limits to centralise




I second this idea. Looking for a way to do this now.

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Hello @tom5, did you manage to find a way?

Not directly - I was trying to give a user control over setting a character limit in an input box for other users. I ended up just disabling the ability to save the text until the character count came down under the limit. I used a warning and a count display to help the use inputting the text.

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Hi guys,

If still interested by this feature, I’ve added it to the ideaboad. If you can vote for it!


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Can you link to where I can upvote your idea?

Hi Mogreback,

Here is the link:

Looks like it’s actually not working… the idea is under unique id: 1684274594764x529300249333202940