Allow empty data source for Display list in Repeating Group

Typically in a majority of the cases having element level default data courses : whether they be empty or have dynamic content, is perfectly good enough.

However sometimes, (I came across this case when implementing complex filtering on top of a repeating group) it makes sense to build up the list to be shown rather pare it down (using filtered in series)

In such cases I first tried ‘Clear list in a repeating group’ but I later figured out that it works effectively like a reset. The Repeating group will take the element level data source, whether that be empty or dynamic.

I’ve now successfully used the workaround of using ‘display list in repeating group’ with leaving the ‘Data Source’ empty.


However even when this is intentional, this comes up as an error/issue at the bubble level.

Suggest either allowing this OR having a universal moniker for empty list like EMPTY or NONE or NULL etc…

Not a biggie just a nice to have perhaps :slight_smile: