Allow Height of Group above 50,000

The height of the group can manually be expanded to be taller than 50,000…however it is not possible when entering values into the height box is not possible.

I am trying to change the value from 53045 to 63045 but the change doesn’t take effect and the cursor just moves to the far right.

It is possible to manually drag the group down…but that is not a good option considering you can only really drag as many pixels as the height of your browser window.

Would be great to have it work for a group the same way it works for a page…we can on a page change the height value to values far greater than only 50,000.

@eve is there some reason for this restriction? Is it a bug? Or could this be a change that gets implemented?

Are you trying to crash the Bubble editor :crazy_face: Is there any reason you’re using this height? It will be a huge bottleneck on your applications loading time.

It is for an admin page to create a blog that will have actual SEO abilities. Since the bubble built RTE doesn’t provide any recognition of H1-H6 tags for SEO purposes, I had to build a cumbersome but effective workaround to do it…so because of that I need to have the ability to add sections, which will cause the page height to be too big

And yes the bubble editor is crashing on the page, but want to get this done and not need to worry about the editor after it is built.

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