Allow my users to auto send email?

Hello Bubble community,
I’m developing a new app and I’m exploring the feasibility of allowing users to customize an email that will be automatically sent when their customers make a purchase on their website. This would involve implementing custom API calls from my app to their platform i assume? Is such functionality possible and is it hard?

Kind of like how TrustPilot is doing where you can connect it and once you have a sale TrustPilot sends an email to the customer asking for feedback?

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This seems a very simple and straightforward functionality. Integrate any third-party email service i.e. send in blue and store the custom text (email) of the vendor in the database and when someone purchases a product, access the product vendorship custom email and call the API to pass the email.

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Thank you for your comment, but lets say my users has their own CRM system built and once a customer has singed a contract and they update a status then it will make a api call my my bubble app to send a email to thier customer?

It is more of a business logic you are asking. is CRM integrated into your bubble app? Do you want to send email from the CRM or Bubble? I guess CRMs usually have the functionalities to send email on events

I think it is easier that it is being sent from the bubble app? because i want people who use shopify to be able to implement it as well

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