Allow 'reset data' for 'group focus'

Currently it does not appear the interface allows designers to reset data from the group focus object - this seems like an omission since it does allow it to be rest from groups and popups which are functionally similar.

Please consider enabling explicit data resets for group focus as well.

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Yeah kinda odd this isn’t available seeing as you can do a ‘Reset data’ for a group, popup and floating group. A simple workaround to this to is to have a group inside the groupfocus element and that should allow you to reset the values via the ‘Reset data’ workflow action.

With that said, would be handy to have the option I guess to just reset directly on the groupfocus element.

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Yes, thank you. And that is what I did, but does make the design more complex seemingly needlessly so.

The topic is old but I haven’t found another answer. Can we reset the data in a focus group now?