Allow user to order/position Groups (Not Repeating Groups)

I’m looking to empower users to arrange the positioning of groups within an application. While ordering within a Repeating Group is straightforward, as it can be based on specific values, the challenge arises when dealing with ordering normal groups.

I specifically need to implement this functionality of changing position of a group and enable user to do it from app level, now it’s possible only for developer through editor (refer to the screenshot below).

Do you have idea how it could be done without creating a plugin?

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 12.48.28

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Experiment with html groups, ID attributes for the groups, and !important for the CSS code

Consider using reusable elements for the “groups”. Then you can have “groups” on the page that the user can pick which reusable element they want there.

Hope that helps!

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