Allow users to opt out of really important emails?

Legally, I need to allow users to opt out of emails sent from my application, but many of these emails are really important for users to see in order for the application to be useful to everyone.

An example from my app: if a school is offering another school a big list of school supplies for donation and that other school doesn’t get an email notifying them of this offer (and also doesn’t ever log in to get notifications), the donating school will just be sitting on those items waiting for a response that never comes. I’ve given the donating school the ability to cancel an offer in this case, but still, they may wait around for a month before doing that.

I’m happy to let them opt out of unimportant emails, but the solution I’ve thought of for these important emails is I can give everyone the option to opt out of them, but then they won’t be able to receive donation offers. Make sense?

Very difficult to know what to suggest, as it depends on what country you are in.

From a UK perspective I would be looking at both explicit consent, and also what is called “Legitimate Interest” here.

Is getting an email about a service you signed up to …something you would reasonably expect.

It is possible it could also be contractual, but I guess that depends on your T&Cs.

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