Allow website/app to access camera and take picture on desktop

I’m building a product that requires the user to take a photo of themselves with their ID/credit card as a way to verify identity and valid payment.

I know that if you use the image uploader on mobile, there’ s a native option to ‘take a photo’.

however, I’m looking for similar functionality on desktop. i want the user to be able to take a photo of themselves on our app when they are accessing it via desktop. any suggestions?

I think uppy uploader can do this. Pretty sure you can have it select only photo uploads

so i dont want to limit it to only photo uploads. i want it to include photo uploads AND the ability to take a new photo by accessing your webcam. can it do that?

I’ve been trying to do this as well. For desktop use I’m experimenting with this plugin: Camera Capture and Video Recorder Plugin | Bubble

It uses the users webcam instead and you can have a button trigger the workflow to snap a photo. (maybe this works on mobile too, otherwise do a separate uploader for mobile)

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