Allowing Duplicate Entries In A List

We’re building an app where the user adds their family info (Parent’s Names, Age and Type) along with their Children’s info. We don’t want to save the information to the database before the user signs up which is at a later stage.

For that we’re using Current User’s Parents Name (List of Texts), Current User’s Parents Age (List of Numbers) etc…

However the problem is that if both parents have the same name, age, etc… It will be only recorded once since the “Add” function works as Merge which I find really weird.

I’ve read some solutions on the forum but they all include adding the info on the database. Is there any other way? Could Bubble create two different functionalities for “Add” and “Merge”?

List Popper might be what you need (plugin page).

But… why do you want to avoid saving it to the database? Couldn’t you just save it to the database and, if the user never registers, you then schedule a workflow to delete any orfan items? Besides, if the user then registers… you will have to pull it in to the database, anyway, no?

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