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Allowing users to change items in a database without affecting other users

I have two repeating groups in my app.
The app supports multiple users.
I want to allow a user to login, view one of the repeating groups (which pulls data from a shared database), and then tick a box on a row on the repeating group. This effectively would turn that item from a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.
By doing this, the user is able to move that item to show up on the other repeating group, and disappear from the current repeating group. But the important thing is, this should not change for any other users viewing the data. It should only change for the user making the action.

A bit like seeing a list of songs (like on a Spotify playlist) and when I click “Add to my favourites” it would remove the track from the list, and add it to my favourites list instead. But then other users aren’t affected.

Is this possible within Bubble? Thanks!