Allowing Users to Create Groups

I am looking to allow users to create Groups inside the webpage, I tried to take a similar approach to what I did with the Profile, but that didn’t work, I am working on a Pagan based project, my database looks something like this;

I am trying to make it where, users can create their “Coven/Group”, but for some reason, it doesn’t want to save the Priest/Priestess information right or not at all. I have been tinkering around the pages, Coven Creation, and even the Coven page to see if I missed something or didn’t send the data right.

Am I having problems because I am trying to pull information from the User database? I noticed, I can’t extract the Username from the User Database.

You might be better off setting up your data in this way:

And I’m not sure you need the ID field because everything made in a bubble database is automatically given a unique ID, unless you want it to be something short for the user to remember.

If you set your project to be view-able (not editable) by the public and message me privately a link I think I can be of more help.

Okay :), I’ll message you the link, thank you for the recommend, I’ll be sure to redo the database :slight_smile: