Allowing users to create pages for itself other than the profile page [solved]


I am trying to create a social network where a user can create another page for a particular cause. For example, if a close friend or family person dies, the user can create a page for the deceased and allow other users to write down comments on how that person impacted him.

Is this possible in

Hoping to get some help in this regard. Thanks in advance

Yes, this is a core use case for Bubble and is easy to do.

In Bubble terminology, you create a page. This is essentially the template for all of the cause pages but in Bubble it’s just called a page. You’d set the page to be type = Cause. Then, you’d have a database table called, say, Cause. You might include a name, description, etc. in that table. Then, on the page (i.e., template) you’d want to dynamically reference the database values for the name, description, etc. on the UI. This is done by using dynamic logic, such as, “Current Page’s Cause’s Name” in the area where you want the name to appear.

Then, for someone to see the different causes, they’d type in

These are the basics. It’ll take you a bit of time the first time but once you get the hang of it you’d be able to set all of this logic up and having working in 5 mins. And, there’s a lot more you can do with Bubble once you master the basics.


Thanks Sridharan.

i feel I was not very clear when I posted my question. I want the individual users to create as many pages as they feel like. Your answer will help the user in my app create one page. Will the answer help the app user to create multiple pages. Kindly advise.

Oh yes, I have something similar on my social network. It’s fairly simple to do, if you would like you can message me and I can help you further.

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How do you generate a cause ID


I suspect you want a database table for causes. That’s where you’d store each pages name, description, custom images, and any other content that’s specific to each page for that template.

Then, you’d have user’s create a new thing in the database (e.g., have them input the name, description, etc.). When you create a new thing in the database, it’ll automatically create a unique ID for that cause.

I recommend going through Bubble’s tutorials as you get started. And, there’s also some longer video series on the web that show users creating replicas of sites like AirBnB that are helpful if you’re doing more advanced things. I think I spent $50 to buy a 40 hour course showing how to re-create AirBnB and that really helped me get up to speed quickly. Of course, this isn’t required, but it’ll save you a lot of time learning all of the basics.

Best of luck!

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Thanks. I figured it out.


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