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Allowing users to upload videos from camera roll

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me figure out a way to allow users to upload videos onto their own profile pages in any format and not limited to only MP4 directly from their phones camera roll?

A simple, "select the allocated block to upload video, upload from camera roll, when anyone views that profile and selects the video block, it plays back in full screen).

Thank you in advance

Hi aggers.a,

Have you figured this out yet? I’m having the same problem.

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I’m having the same issue.

any update on this?
I’m using video.js plugin and playing a mp4 file from laptop plays fine.
But when uploading .mov file from iphone photo roll, file uploads ok but I get a “No compatible source was found for this media” in the video.js player.

Have seen other threads inquiring how to play a .mov video uploaded from mobile devices…

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I’m also looking for this answer. It seems like an incredibly basic function to have. Anyone have any answers yet?