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Alphanumeric plug in, searching the database


I have assigned a unique alphanumeric code to each entry in my database. I want to be able to search by this code to pull the info attached to that particular code. It seems however that i cant as i cant search by the alphanumeric input as i can only search via text and number etc. I just get the error, your input should be alphanumeric but its currently text or number etc.

Does anyone know a way around this or am i doing something wrong?


Can you share a screenshot or a link? It’s probably a type error for the field in your db, but it’s a bit hard for us to help like this.

Hi im not sure what i really need to be screen shotting

This is a screenshot of the 2 types of data in the database and there format.

I essentially want the Physical address to be pulled into a text box when the user inputs the Locate ID.


You should save the Locate ID as a text, not as a blockspring defined type, and then the search should work.

Thanks @emmanuel

I forgot that i had to either turn the string into lower or uppercase text when i was trying to assign the alphanumeric api input to the field marked as text.

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