Already using 30% of CPU capacity

Hello everybody,

I’m afraid I have a bit of a problem with my app. It’s built around the possibility of users to create certain events, which all take place on one day (date selected through the date picker). In order to make things easier for the user, I placed multiple date pickers at the event creation page. When dates are picked on these date pickers, the same event is also created for this date (so the user doesnt have to go through the same process too often). All events also get 3 photos that are uploaded by the user.
My problem: I’m adding some events by myself now (I haven’t launched yet), and I’m already hitting 30% of available CPU sometimes. This is (I’m sure) a very bad sign, since I hope that many people will be doing this exact same thing on my app. Do you guys agree that when one user can take up 30% of the CPU, something really needs to change? What would be an acceptable percentage? The problem now is that I’ve created a lot of conditional events in one workflow (posting the event): if user has selected the date of date picker 2, then create event nr. 2 (etc., all the way up to 10). Is this a bad way of creating events?

Your help would be much appreciated!

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