Alt text for dynamic images

Is there a way to add individual alternate text to dynamic images in repeating groups? ie. If the first image is an apple with alt text red, but then the next is an orange with alt text orange, how would I get the specific alt text?

You would have to wrap the image inside of a new Thing, something like:

Thing name → Picture
Source → type image
Alt → type text

Then just use a dynamic expression in each repeating group cell.

Dyanmic image → Pictures' Source
Alt text → Pictures' Alt

Sorry, I’m very new to Bubble. Could you explain what you mean by “wrapping the image”?

@maya sure, all i meant was

Instead of setting the data source type of the repeating group to image, set it to a custom data type called Picture which has the image in side of it (wrapping it, like a piece of candy with a wrapper)

Here’s an example set up for you →
Editor → Minimum-studio | Bubble Editor