Altering an address by removing numbers

My customers insert their address that they want the service performed at. This creates a ticket that a provider can claim. We are not trying to give out the entire address to avoid unwanted solicitation, etc.

For example, a customer enters this address and it is saved in our database:

123 Happy Lane

For the ticket we just want to show:

Happy Lane

Is there a way to strip out the numbers in the address provided?

Any help would be much appreciated!

@corey.dorsa Regex with a workflow

If you save their address as a geographic address type, you will be able to extract the street name without the number using the :extract function then select Street

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@neerja is right, regex is a powerful tool to manipulate strings. Here’s a place where you can test out your regex expression before implementing it into your app:

But beware as you don’t have control in how customers write their address. Ex “123 app4, Flower Street” can become “app Flower Street”.

To achieve what you need I’d have separate inputs; door number, street, city… This forces customers to enter their info all in the same way.