(Beta) - Your Passport To Global Investing

Hi all,

A little over one month ago I was completely new to Bubble and had no idea how to work the platform. Today I went live with my first app !

Alterminal is a website that provides you with real time access to how stock markets around the world from 36 countries are doing, along with live foreign exchange and economic data from those same 36 countries. On the home page it provides a nice global heatmap to visualize how stock markets around the world are doing as well.

The site is still in its early stages and has much room for improvement, but it is ready for use by users to get feedback. I plan to expand the features significantly in the future and improve the UI/UX (especially in a mobile environment). Please feel free to use and give any feedback for future versions!

Many thanks to the Bubble community especially Bubble support (Michael Oppenheimer) and @vnihoul77 for his global heatmap plugin (🆕 [NEW PLUGIN] World Heatmap).


Nice use-case. I feel proud for the mention :sweat_smile:

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hey nice one! would be greate if i could scroll to the right on mobile so it not gets to small compressed.

i do this with putting it in a RG with 1 cell 1 row and not putting it in a normal group - bubble handles it different and gives you the ability to scroll then so you do not need to collapse it

make source current users - so it does not affect your data or loading time

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Many thanks for the great suggestion, @buero! Appreciate you taking the time to take a look. I’ll implement this going forward in future editions.

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