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Alternative for displaying a time chart?

Hello everyone,

I’m building an app for managing working hours. I want to show the time range for each worker on a bar. I managed to do it by having a repeating group where each cell change his color if its value is contained by the range. But it’s a pretty heavy way, and it slows the app.

Is there any better way to do it? Maybe with a plugin?

Thank you for your answers

Any ideas? :sweat_smile:

I had a very difficult time working with dates and times when I first got started. Something that I now do is create time slots in my database

For me it has proven to be the easiest way to deal with dates and times…the “total_seconds” and “total_minutes” is something that allows me to do ranges and I can’t tell that it is faster or not than what you might be doing, but for me it is the alternative I’ve used.

It has also helped me with other things in terms of availability calendars, meeting schedules and saving dates with the correct time associated.

This is how I get them into my database relatively quickly

It is one alternative…other users probably do something different that works for them and I’m sure some experienced programmers/coders use something more sophisticated.

Thank you @boston85719 for your answer. I’m currently converting time in minutes to define numeric range like you.

Sorry but my question was about a better way to display these data in something similar to my chart. Now it’s a simple RG in each cell have predefined number. If this number is contained in the numeric range of my time slot, the cell color change. It would be perfect to have a slider with multiple slots.

There are some plugins…I’m not sure if they are relevant to your use case as I am not sure what your use case really is.

If you just want to have a slider like in your image on first post, you’d just need to set the values of the slider to be the same as what you used for your repeating group.

Otherwise plugins like these might be useful to you

But again if you just want a slider that shows the start and end time of a workers work hours range just use the slider input element and set up the values

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 9.36.58 PM

min value would be start time, max value would be end time…