Alternative to number of characters?

Hey guys, first thing would be, why is the conditional “input value’s number of characters” so much slower than the simple “values not empty”? I mean, I do get its a different verification, but sometimes we get up to 4 seconds delay to validate that, which basically means I can’t use it in any user facing page.

Have you guys found alternatives to these? My issue is, we’re using Algolia and Maps for a few calls, and if I use just the value is not empty, I’m wasting a lot of calls, and it also bugs a little bit while changing the search result; But if I replace it with value’s number of characters, it works great but that conditional is really slow for some reason.

I’ve never experienced this kind of delay but number of characters would logically take longer than is empty. What’s takes longer in real life, checking if a box is empty or counting the number of things inside of it?

Input’s value’s number of characters is only updated when the focus is removed from the input element (so a user clicks out of the input). Is that what feels like a 4 second delay?

Yeah, it’s annoying (I’ve no idea why Bubble decided to enforce such a delay in outputting the value… it can cause real problems in certain situations, with data not saving correctly).

But, you can simply add your own JavaScript event listener to the element to get real-time output, and output that to a JavaScript to bubble element (or use an available plug-in to do the same thing) for instant results.

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