Alternative way to display images

Hi bubblers,

I was just wondering if there was a way to replicate Facebook’s image display whereby there are 3-5 images in a grid and then “+ more” box to view the rest of the images in the list. I also would like the functionality of clicking an image to show a popup of the full-size image. I’d really appreciate any help in how to replicate something like this.


Even an alternative image display would be nice to hear about. I’m currently using a repeating group with a scrollbar and it looks terrible so anything would be better, and I would love to keep playing with different methods to help me learn bubble!

You can use the ext. Vertical scroll (hidden scroll bar), the more they scroll the more it loads.

Just make the image -> when clicked -> toggle pop-up “full size” -> display data to group -> you’ll place a group within the pop up with the dimensions you would like and place an image element inside group. Your image should be dynamic data with something like parent groups image.


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