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Alternatives to Stripe/Braintree (countries not supported), to accept payments?

Hey guys, I’m eager to start using Bubble, but currently I’m dealing with how would one go to accept payments if you’re at a country which is not supported by the API’s currently available (stripe, braintree).

I’ve read similar past posts on the topic but couldn’t find a solution. So I’m starting the thread hoping we can get one or more solutions on the topic that are useful for other bubblers with the same/similar problems.

Hoping it’ll make things easier here’s an example (what I’m thinking on working):
Simple listings app that charges per listing (when a user wants to post something).

Since you would need a payment confirmation before bubble automatically posts the user’s input to the listings, a link to a third party payment website wouldn’t work alone.

So far researching and reading past posts other people in the forum suggest using Paypal and Zapier so that Bubble can get a payment confirmation. Since I’m not really experienced with how Zapier works I’ve got a couple of doubts:

-To integrate Paypal payment buttons you need access to the HTML of the website, which as far as I know we can’t access/modify on websites we build with Bubble, right?
-Supposing the above is correct, if you use a link to another website to accept a payment (which I would like to avoid, so that users don’t have to leave the website), would it be possible to successfully make Zapier work so that the bubble app get a payment confirmation, if that’s possible a brief walkthrough as to how to make this work would be awesome!

Any inputs, insights on these options, other alternatives, comments, are all very appreciated.

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Yes you can use PayPal and it’s not too difficult to setup. I take PayPal payments on my site but it’s just for one off purchases, so no shopping cart, although it might be possible I just haven’t tried it.

I use Zapier to make it easier and you’ll need a Basic account which is $20/mth.

You can send a purchase to your business PayPal account using a plain HTML link that you can dynamically populate in a Bubble workflow, something like this

PayPal has a list of all the variables here

Then just setup Zapier to receive the payment confirmation from PayPal and forward onto an API Endpoint in you Bubble app. Zapier does have built in help and actions to make this easier but if you any problems let me know.

Once the call from Zapier comes in you can then trigger your user listings or payment confirmation emails etc.

Hope this helps


Hey dru!
Thanks for the help! That’s encouraging knowing that someone has it figured out already, been a couple days scratching my head with this and wondering if it was worth it to continue building my app, so helps a lot knowing that it’s possible to make it work!

I’m still building my app but looking forward to figuring this out so I can get the most out of it.

I’ll check the link and info you posted to start getting into it.
By the way I would be offering one off purchases just like you, so at least for now the shopping cart thing is not a problem.

Really appreciate it, thanks again!


Thought I’d add to this thread. Recently discovered Bubble and I’v been very excited about the prospects; however I have the same challenges as I’m based in Nigeria and would need an alternative for payments other than Stripe or Braintree.

Even worse, PayPal is present over here BUT they only allow for payments for international websites, hence not supporting the local ecommerce eco sysytem.

There are a few neat players here such as Paystack (of YCombinator fame), SimplePay and Paga and wonder if anyone might be interested in working with me on building APIs for these platforms

Hello, thank you for your post, I think is the only one I have found that gives an explicit way to integrate an alternate payment. I wanted to know if this is still possible?


Yes it still works, I wrote some instructions explaining how to do it - How to setup payments using PayPal

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. :heart_eyes:


hello tomi…am intereted in this. am in nigeria

In Nigeria the alternative to Stripe would be Paystack (American-Nigerian company part of Ycombinator). We’ve just published a Paystack plugin for Bubble. Check it out here: Paystack - new plugin from Zeroqode

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I have been using Payoneer, PayPal & Stripe all at the same time but every company has various benefits of using. We all know the leading company if we call it is PayPal and it might definitely be. But Payoneer is also not the least. With more than 4 Million Global Customers, Payoneer offers a cost-effective way to get paid by global clients & companies.

Bottom line would be is The best alternative to Stripe would be PayPal & Payoneer.

Is there a payoneer plug-in in bubble?