Am I crazy or is this flip-flopped?

Conditionals seem to be acting weird right now.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 135714

This conditional in my screenshot allows the workflow to operate on my /version-test, but not live. When I flip it to Isn’t live version is yes, the workflow works on my version-live but not test.

Am I misreading this or what?

It was working as intended yesterday but not today.

I supposed the tittle of your post was “Am I OnlyFans or is this flip-flopped?” :rofl:
Those who understand will understand the joke :zipper_mouth_face:

Joking apart…

This is probably the most bizarre condition of all and every time I use it I keep repeating it in my head to make sure what I’m doing…

According to your image your workflow should run only in LIVE.

Isn’t live version = Version Test
If the condition is NO, it means that is Version Live.


Yeah, what @rpetribu said.

Basically, the conditional in your screenshot should evaluate to true in the live version. I did a quick test and it’s working as expected for me. I’d imagine a bunch of stuff would break or misbehave if that expression was broken.

I’d suggest creating an isolated test case to see if it’s working as it should. Perhaps there’s some other logic on your page that’s interfering but not readily apparent.

FWIW, you might consider adopting the recently introduced App version instead. It’s much easier to read and process b/c doesn’t require the mental gymnastics of the double negative…


Just compare it to the string “live” or “test”. I created an option set with those values to keep things “DRY” and avoid potential typos. BTW, I think the App version expression returns the name of any branch - not just “test” and “live” (but I haven’t actually tested that).

It does. When you use it on a different branch, it shows the branches ID, not the name you provide it.


This is correct.

One of my branches has the id 565


So the best case here is just compared:
App version is not live


Yeah, that’s typically what I do as well. :+1:

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Yep, people complain about this so often but Bubble’s right leaving it as is…

Isn’t live version = any test branches

If it was ‘is test’ it could well imply that only version-test will return true, and not version-anyotherbranchname

Besides, changing it now would screw up our muscle memory!

It was that way before we had branches. Bubble just got lucky that a new feature, branches, introduced in past 18 months or so works well with a poorly written expression they created some 6+ years ago. People have been complaining for years about it.

Sort of similar to how our conditionals use word on/off instead of ‘preview’…no new user thinks on is really just preview, people rightly assume it means the conditional can be turned on or off.

They did similar thing with not always using same verbiage for created date and created by as we also get creation date or creator in places.

Another example is that we only had ‘is not in’ operator for years until enough noise was made and they add in the ‘is in’ operator…seems like somebody at Bubble is a fan of the negatives.

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:joy::joy::joy: Very true

I only worked this out a couple of months ago

As @boston85719 alluded to, the historic suggestion of changing it to ‘Is test version’ predates the new branches functionality.

I think that since, most suggestions are to change it to either of the following;

  1. Is development version (simplest change as they just rename the operator)
  2. Is live version (clearest for the user but requires a change to to how they evaluate the value)

Either of these options remove the double negative.

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