Am I crazy? You can not count how many visits you get?

Please tell me I’m incorrect that you can not count how many homepage visits you get?

All databases in bubble need a user to do something to affect the database. If someone (be it a user or not) goes to your url, we do not have a way that can count this unless the user is already logged in.

So if we can count how many hits our apps get, how do we count the hits if the visitor is not a logged in user? I can not think of a way.

Thank you in advance!

Like any traditional database a user doesn’t have to be logged in to record a new record. Many apps don’t even use the user data type.

Just create a new “event” record for page view each time the page is loaded or have a data type called ”system” that has “home views” as a field and +1 each visit.

If you do it with the event type you can filter and drill down by dates of the event and keep historical data but the data set can get pretty large.

If you do it by count then you can not use dating or historical data.

This applies to all events types you may have.

However for page views it’s usually better to use something like Google analytics instead to keep the bubble database from getting out of hand.

Perfect! Thank you @chris.williamson1996